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Monster hunter

In over 500 years, Charles is the first member of his family born with the sign of falcon. This brought both rejoicing and sadness as those who carry this mark have extraordinary strength and skills. However, its power also awakens the vampire Vitalik. Charles misses almost nothing. He analyses every situation, looking for the mistakes and motives behind the actions of others. He can often be foolish around people and loves entertaining them with wild stories from his countless journeys. People assume his reputation as a great fighter is exaggerated due to his teddy bear-like nature and his tendency to avoid pointless fights and training. Always looking for a new challenge, Charles joined several different mercenary clans and guilds, including the guard of the noble scientist Ada.

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Old foe

Vitalik is one of the oldest vampires in the world but he´s the most dangerous by far. He has survived being staked on hundreds of occasions over the long millennia of his life. It can sometimes take years but eventually, he is once again free to deceive and manipulate people. Unfortunately, that´s an easy task for him as his charisma and persuasion tactics do most of his work for him. His act can get him almost anything he wants without the need to use his powers, although he doesn´t hesitate to do so. He has gained many powers over his years of battling and conquering, many of which are still unknown to humanity. Most notable of those documented include superhuman speed, strength, and shapeshifting.

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Brilliant scientist

As soon as Ada steps into her laboratory, she becomes a different person. It´s a place where she can plan and execute her ideas so crazy that they´re brilliant. When she´s working on a project, she rarely sleeps, focusing every ounce of her energy on whatever she´s building. Her designs are brilliant but often overly complicated and can be dangerous if used without her guidance. If Ada were not noble, she would have been burned a long time ago as many religious fanatics view her peculiar science as witchcraft. Ada is intrigued by anything supernatural. Ever since she was a child, she has captured these creatures to study them and wrote her findings in a journal. Ada and Charles go way back, with Charles working as her guard for quite some time.

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Ouroboros leader

Even though he was growing up in a warrior guild, Goguen chose to build his knowledge rather than his muscles. This decision proved to be the right one time and time again during his many fights. He was building his bank of strategies ever since he was a child, which helped him win countless times even when everyone thought he doesn´t stand a chance. This hadn´t gone unseen by the Ouroboros guild leader and had granted Goguen one of the highest ranks at a very young age. His next natural step was to become the leader and after doing his research on their enemies, he knew that urgent reforms of the guild are needed. His findings clearly showed that they couldn´t win against Vitalik even at their peak, as they needed the one born in the sign of the falcon to defeat him.

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Adventure Continues...

Even though the story of our characters is coming to an end, bajuzki team and TAOV ecosystem will continue to grow and contribute to the Cardano community. Not only are the upcoming Vampire Invasion collection and The Attack on Vitalik game expanding TAOV universe, but they are also bringing utilities to our holders.


What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens that represent ownership of unique items. They can only have one official owner at a time, and they're secured by blockchains, such as the Cardano, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, which means that no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

What is a policy ID and why do I need it?

Text - A policy ID is a unique identifier that secures the system of verification. "Since asset names are not unique and can be easily duplicated, Cardano NFTs need to be identified by the policy ID.

This ID is unique and attached permanently to the asset. The policy ID stems from a policy script that defines characteristics such as who can mint tokens and when those actions can be made.

Many NFT projects make the policy ID under which the NFTs were minted publicly available, so anyone can differentiate fraudulent/duplicate NFTs from the original tokens."

When will the 2nd issue be released?

The final instalment of the Attack on Vitalik comics will come out in Q1 2022. Follow us on our social media so you don’t miss it!

I received B/W comic book, is it a mistake?

No, it’s not a mistake. We have created multiple categories and rarities to make our comic books more interesting and collectable. To learn more about rarities, be sure to check out our rarity page!

Why did we choose Cardano?

The answer is very simple – our love for the community and belief in Cardano’s mission. We have never dreamed of having such a strong community that we found on Cardano, and we greatly appreciate the support we got from the very beginning of our journey.

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